With more than 20 years experience in competitive dressage riding at national and international level, overseas training in Germany for a long period of time training under German National Dressage Coach and Olympic medalist Monica Theodorescu and 10 years experience as an EA accredited coach, Sheree can provide personalised training for riders and horses of any age and skill level. 

Her background in neurolinguisitc programming (NLP) allows her to adapt her teaching style to individual needs, and her qualification as a personal trainer ensures that both the rider's and the horse's physical development are considered. 

Sheree's philosophy that a strong connection between horse and rider is the underpinning of great dressage riding, and her coaching style and training based around the classical method of the German training scale, to create happy horses AND happy people!



Accredited Equestrian Australia (EA) Intro Dressage Coach

Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) competitor and trainer

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner (The Coaching Room)

Level III/IV in Fitness (The Australian YMCA Institute of Education and Training)


Casual coaching: a great way to improve your and your horse's skills for riders of any age and skill level

$75/ hour or $50/ half hour

Can travel upon request and for an increased rate 

The Road to Success - Competition Coaching: structured training program and hands-on support at dressage competitions 

Price negotiable